Little wolves find forever homes during the COVID-19 pandemic

By Alyse Kiara Deatherage As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, many people have turned to local rescues to adopt animals to help keep themselves from feeling lonely at home. Little Wolf Rescue is a nonprofit animal rescue based in Pasadena that was started by Ariel Elvira in 2016 and has also seen an increase in fosteringContinue reading “Little wolves find forever homes during the COVID-19 pandemic”

President Schultz stays busy with work during the COVID-19 pandemic

By Jesus Alcala Avalos Governor Gavin Newsom signed the stay-at-home order in response to COVID-19 on March 19. In response, Mt. San Jacinto College has closed its campuses to instruction.  The order meant less work for some people, but not for Mt. San Jacinto College Superintendent and President Roger Schultz.  “I wish I had timeContinue reading “President Schultz stays busy with work during the COVID-19 pandemic”

Bettering the pathways to success at MSJC

By Alyse Kiara Deatherage  Officials at Mt. San Jacinto College is excited to prepare for the Pathways program that will begin in Fall 2020. However, many students are unaware of what the Pathways Program is and what it will mean for their experience at MSJC.   “Guided Pathways is an institution-wide student success model that seeksContinue reading “Bettering the pathways to success at MSJC”

MSJC students demonstrate their talents in Flight 2020

By Miguel Sarasa  I will be honest; I am not much of an art enthusiast. The extent of my art experience has been scrolling through social media. Recently, I had the opportunity to check out the Mt. San Jacinto College Anthology titled Flight 2020 and speak to some of the writers and artists who participated. The collection consisted of poetry, prose,Continue reading “MSJC students demonstrate their talents in Flight 2020”

MSJC alumni shares his experience with The Talon

By Alyse Kiara Deatherage  Marc-Anthony Rosas is a Mt. San Jacinto College alumnus, as well as an alumnus of The Talon newspaper. He started attending MSJC when he was still in high school, in 2017, and recently finished his time with MSJC as a student in the Fall of 2019. Rosas has stayed involved withContinue reading “MSJC alumni shares his experience with The Talon”

Taking a look at the flippered creatures of the sea during this pandemic

By Alyse Kiara Deatherage WARNING: This story contains graphic content and photos that may be upsetting and hard to view for some readers. Viewer discretion is advised. With Earth Day passing recently, many people are able to see the bright side of this pandemic: cleaner air because less fumes and emissions from cars and cleanerContinue reading “Taking a look at the flippered creatures of the sea during this pandemic”

Bringing the ice to the deserts of Palm Springs

By Marc-Anthony Rosas  2020 may not have been the year everyone was hoping for so far, but there are a quite a few things everyone can look forward to next year, including a new hockey team in the Coachella Valley. On Sept. 30, 2019, the American Hockey League (AHL) announced that Palm Springs was awardedContinue reading “Bringing the ice to the deserts of Palm Springs”

Local journalism thrives at Menifee 24/7

By The Talon Staff   The Talon is thankful to have many great supporters working with us, including our adviser and editor Doug Spoon, who runs the Menifee 24/7 and Murrieta 24/7 news websites with his wife Kristen.  Menifee 24/7 was launched on Nov. 1, 2004 by Menifee resident Steve Johnson, an internet entrepreneur and computer programmer.Continue reading “Local journalism thrives at Menifee 24/7”