Talon Talks Season 2 Episode 1: Welcome Back to the Chaos!

MSJC Talon members Nick Pettis, Dr. Michele Weber, and Cynthia Carrillo welcome new members Kayla Lewis, Victor Ortiz, and Jake Cruz. The new members share about themselves with us. Nick and Dr. Weber also recruit people for the journalism program and the Talon. If you’re a student at MSJC and want to join the Talon,Continue reading “Talon Talks Season 2 Episode 1: Welcome Back to the Chaos!”

Theater After the Pandemic featuring Hamilton

A Theater review by Nick Pettis | Sept. 10, 2021 9:48 a.m. We have now reached a new stage of the COVID-19 Pandemic and theaters have begun to reopen. On Saturday, September 4th, 2021, my mom and I went to the Hollywood Pantages Theater to see Hamilton after the show closed down for a year.Continue reading “Theater After the Pandemic featuring Hamilton”

Talon at the Movies: Cruella Movie Review

Have you ever seen the movie 101 Dalmatians, live action or animated? Well, this is the story of Cruella Deville before she steals the puppies from Roger and Anita. Jake Cruz and Nick Pettis watched Cruella on Disney+ over a weekend and shared their views. Check out the video below for their comprehensive movie review.Continue reading “Talon at the Movies: Cruella Movie Review”