The Talon is now online!

Since the closure of all campuses on March 13, everyone at MSJC has been working hard to transition courses to an online format, and make it possible for teachers and students to finish the rest of the semester. We cannot thank our faculty, staff and students enough for their dedication through this difficult time. InContinue reading “The Talon is now online!”


MSJC Events

Students find community as they are welcomed into MSJC

By Alyse Kiara Deatherage  Mt. San Jacinto Community College District began in 1962, and started enrolling students from the Banning, Beaumont, Hemet, and San Jacinto areas in 1963. Since then, they’ve actively worked to help students achieve their goals and get closer to their dreams through the education and community they provide.   MSJC’s mission statementContinue reading “Students find community as they are welcomed into MSJC”

Students and staff share experiences and support at MSJC’s first Juneteenth celebration

By Jesus Alcala Avalos  Mt. San Jacinto College held an online Juneteenth celebration on June 19. Participants held a libation, provided historical context for Juneteenth, performed poems, and shared their thoughts. DJ Sketch played music in-between presentations.  Aysia Brown, part of MSJC’s Student Services and the Sankofa task force, was the host for the event. Brown opened with aContinue reading “Students and staff share experiences and support at MSJC’s first Juneteenth celebration”


7 Asian and Pacific Islander American Heritage month movies for your watch-list

By Zaina Azim  May was Asian and Pacific Islander American Heritage month. Let’s highlight films with Asian and Pacific American actors and story lines to celebrate the occasion.  The Joy Luck Club, a 1993 film based on a novel of the same name, follows the stories of four pairs of Asian American mothers and daughters who navigate theirContinue reading “7 Asian and Pacific Islander American Heritage month movies for your watch-list”

MSJC students demonstrate their talents in Flight 2020

By Miguel Sarasa  I will be honest; I am not much of an art enthusiast. The extent of my art experience has been scrolling through social media. Recently, I had the opportunity to check out the Mt. San Jacinto College Anthology titled Flight 2020 and speak to some of the writers and artists who participated. The collection consisted of poetry, prose,Continue reading “MSJC students demonstrate their talents in Flight 2020”

Disney+ surprises audiences with the release of Pixar’s “Onward”

By Alyse Kiara Deatherage Disney, Pixar, and Tom Holland fans everywhere were disappointed as theatres everywhere shut down in compliance with guidelines put in place by the COVID-19 pandemic. These shut downs in Riverside county took place on March 13, just one week after the movie’s initial release.  However, Disney surprised it’s audiences by releasingContinue reading “Disney+ surprises audiences with the release of Pixar’s “Onward””


The Things I Have Seen

The Things I Have Seen   By Eddie Landeros  I have seen the world in many different ways  I’ve seen some of its colors, but mostly its grays  I’ve seen a baby being born, gasping for its first breath  I’ve seen a corpse in a casket, the silence that is death  I’ve seen laughter from friendsContinue reading “The Things I Have Seen”


Absorb By Anthony Smart  Black is a color, but I’m more than that  My ancestors helped pave the way for me to be here and that’s a fact.  You all continue to love and   Support me, despite what I lack.   Wouldn’t trade this color for the world,  Because I’m more than just the color Black

The Word “It”

The Word “It” By Antonio Yanez  It can have many meanings.  Just what is it?  Is it just a word you can’t explain?  Or  Could it be something that is a filler?  Could something that be maintained in a proper essay?  I am meant believe that the word it is to insignificant to be inContinue reading “The Word “It””

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