Mahak Tiwari


Major: Biochemistry

Background in Communications: I love writing and graphic design so I had first started to write down in a diary in my younger years but then I stopped because I was one of those types who would always forget to write in their diary. Then in High School, I found my love for graphic design which made me fall in love with Photoshop (still currently am). Anyways long story short, I have been with the Talon family since last year of Spring and Fall 2019 semesters. I first was a writer and then a reporter doing mostly faculty spotlights, club interviews, and on-campus events. I also have been actively involved since my beginning years at MSJC in the Fall of 2017 as an SGA Commissioner. After leaving SGA that same year, I found myself to be involved in student clubs as an officer or even sometimes a member.

I have also been involved in various Administrative Shared Governance Committees and currently still am for the Educational Technology Committee which deals with the Distance Education side of our college as of last Fall 2019 and the Curriculum Committee as of this Fall 2020 which deals with the Instructional Curriculum of various major and non-major disciplines.

I also have been a member of the STEM+ Club since Spring 2019 and Last year, I was the President for the MSJC Chapter of Mu Alpha Theta. Now returning this Fall 2020 semester from a much-needed sabbatical break, I am now the Founding President and Member of the Phi Sigma Alpha Chapter of HOPE NSTEM Honors Society at MSJC.

Something I’d like to learn: A new foreign language such as Italian because I already know 5 languages (a little bit rusty on Spanish, my mother tongues: Hindi, Punjabi, and Urdu while also being fluent in English). I would definitely like to learn how to use a microscope correctly since most scientists whether it is in a research lab on campus or industry, microscopes are very important for scientific use.

My favorite food is: Something sweet (somewhere along the lines of chocolate, ice cream, or even smoothies); favorite colors are all the colors/shades of Red, Grey, and Blue; favorite hobby is Netflix or playing with my dogs

If I were an animal, I would be: A wolf because they have a strong sense of smell, amazing trackers, can fall asleep just about anywhere, love the cold weather, friends with everyone, loyal, protective, and devoted in their relationships, and are natural leaders.

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