“The ‘Q’ Word”

Read “The ‘Q’ Word” written by MSJC student Amanda Armas.

Little wolves find forever homes during the COVID-19 pandemic

This pandemic has helped rescues unite people at home with dogs, and some times cats, looking to find their forever homes.

Bettering the pathways to success at MSJC

MSJC has worked hard on a long five-year journey to implement the SUCCESS! Pathways program here at MSJC, and now the time has come for its launch in to Fall 2020 semester.

President Schultz stays busy with work during the COVID-19 pandemic

The pandemic may still be going, but work hasn’t stopped for MSJC’s President, Dr. Roger Schultz.

MSJC students demonstrate their talents in Flight 2020

Flight is an anthology of MSJC student creative works that is published every Spring semester. This years edition of Flight 2020 has been released and students are excited and proud to share their work.

MSJC alumni shares his experience with The Talon

Marc-Anthony Rosas was a photographer, MVC Site Editor, graphic designer, member of the marketing and designing teams, and social media director for The Talon and he now shares what his experience has done for him.

Taking a look at the flippered creatures of the sea during this pandemic

Marine Mammal Care Center Los Angeles covers over 60 miles of open beach taking care of all the injured and sick flippered friends who make their way to those shores.


Read the poem “Absorb” by MSJC student Anthony Smart.

Bringing the ice to the deserts of Palm Springs

Excitement brews as locals in and near Palm Springs eagerly wait to hear more about the newest AHL Hockey Team.

Local journalism thrives at Menifee 24/7

Menifee 24/7 is a local newspaper that covers a wide variety of local news and is run by Doug Spoon, a very appreciated adviser to The Talon.

The remake of a classic

The anime Fruits Basket, released originally in 2001, was revamped in 2019. It’s new look and story have fans of the original everywhere talking about it.

MSJC honors its largest graduating class with a virtual graduation

MSJC excitedly prepares to honor its largest group of graduates with a virtual graduation.


Read the poem “It” by MSJC student Antonio Yanez.

Disney+ surprises audiences with the release of Pixar’s Onward

Disney+ has released Pixar’s newest movie, Onward. Read more about it in this student review.

The Talon upgrades to a full-fledged Journalism Program

MSJC has worked hard to implement a Journalism Program, starting 2021, thanks to The Talon

Taking on the 2020 Election space through online debate

Even with COVID-19 spreading, the 2020 election and its primaries must continue on. Read more about how they’ve converted to an online platform.

Oceanside Beach Cleanup

MSJC students make waves at Oceanside Beach

Students of MSJC join Surfrider Foundation to clean up trash on Oceanside Beach.

A scientific look at COVID-19

Stay up to date and aware about the COVID-19 virus and it’s spread.

Taking a look at a new form of slavery

MSJC’s Diversity Committee brought in three speakers to present their research on and experiences with Human Trafficking.

MSJC staff and students take on the online world

As of April 6, the school has completely converted to an online college, but the classes aren’t the only thing that have gone online. 

Tackling fitness during a pandemic

In the midst of balancing everyday challenges, the emphasis of physical fitness in our lives is changing.

MSJC brings light to the diversity in the ASL community

An MSJC event discusses the oppression and discrimination against Blacks in the Deaf community.


An original poem written by MSJC student Anthony Smart.

“My Daughter”

An original poem written by MSJC student Antonio Yanez.