Off the Top

“Off the Top” 

by Kendra Williams


Photo of a Daisy Field by Kendra Williams

The world is not,

Nor has she ever been, suicidal.

Her death is on us. (That’s our sin.)

We, murderous beings.

Murdering beings.

Merciless mercenaries.

Me!me!me! mentalities.

Mass fatality. (That’s our reality.)


When we:


Propagate propaganda, pedantically.

Precociously predisposed, 

Prerogative-ly un-opposed,

Presumptively professing perceived woes.

Incendiary, decomposed prose.

Unapologetically pyromaniac foes.


Producing preconceived notions,

Pre-portioned appropriated potions.

Circling vultures, pop-poisoning cultures.

Privy party, prioritized in position—

Postured picture of perfection—

Privately poised, controlling prime conditions.


Personalized, preemptive protections.

(Fuck the collective!)

Propane-propelled prevarications,

Perched above remedial salvations.

Premeditative predation,

Proprietarily preying away redemption.


Pointing fingers; appointing

Problems with solutions.

Resulting prosecutions,

Power-imbalanced disillusions.

Pragmatically power-purchasing

Improbable resolutions.


Possessing, various forms of obsession.

Obsessing over individual-owned possessions.

Scientifically-methodical projected models; measuring propensity.

Intercepted, auto-message interruption.

Disrupting intersections of success-perceptions.

Proof of risk-assessing, and redundancy testing.