The Official Newspaper of Mt. San Jacinto College

We are a platform for over 18,000 Mt. San Jacinto College students and the community to promote a diverse student voice, involvement from the college, and creative collaborations to:

  • Report on important issues concerning MSJC, and the students that attend the institution to better connect the student with the institution
  • Promote awareness of activities that occur on campus and throughout the community MSJC serves
  • Inform MSJC students of events and information critical to success in higher education 
  • Create a venue for the student voice which fairly represents the diversity of students that attend MSJC in an ethical manner
  • Support academic freedom for legitimate intellectual viewpoints in academia and the culture as a whole
  • Support MSJC students with communication/journalism/English/multimedia focused workshops, lectures, competitions, and scholarships
  • Create a forum where students can network with others with similar interests, gain experience in writing and community involvement, and understand the education system​

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DISCLAIMER: The Talon does not represent the opinions of Mt. San Jacinto College as a whole. Our students offer their own opinions, reserving their right to freedom of speech and freedom of press. We do our best to remain mindful of our readers and publish stories that are appropriate for everyone.

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