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Republican Debate Recap

Derrick Spearman, Writer September 8, 2023

The first debate of the Republican presidential primary is here. According to a CBS poll, former President Donald Trump was at 62% heading into the debate, over 40 points higher than second-place Florida...

Is Modern-Day Hip-Hop Negatively Affecting Black Culture?

Is Modern-Day Hip-Hop Negatively Affecting Black Culture?

Serenity Karee, Editor/Writer May 22, 2023

Hip-hop has been around since the 1970s and is prominent within the Black community. Back then, hip-hop was a way for African Americans to help endure low socioeconomic conditions. That is how hip-hop...

Students rehearsing a newscast scene.

The Importance of Arts Programs

Camryn Friday, Writer May 9, 2023
Performing Arts and Music programs have a plethora of positive impacts on children, from creating a sense of community, to allowing creativity to bloom, gaining confidence, and more. Communities must support local arts programs and academies for future youth to cherish.
People protesting about change.

Why Gun Reform in America is Necessary

Serenity Karee, Writer May 8, 2023

Gun reform is necessary in the United States because sadly gun violence is becoming more frequent each year. Every day in America, approximately 100 people are killed and 200 people are injured by a firearm.  Why...

Don Lemon

Tucker Carlson and Don Lemon: Fired On The Same Day

Derrick Spearman, Writer May 2, 2023

On the Monday after the NFL regular season has concluded, some coaches and general managers are given the pink slip. That event is referred to as “Black Monday.” On Monday, April 24th, 2023, it was...

Month of the Military Child

Month of the Military Child

Hailey Dennis, Writer April 28, 2023

This month we celebrate our military kids worldwide as they step forward and honorably serve their country by supporting their parents who protect and serve the nation. “Military brats” are some...

A picture of me in my senior year.

A Day in The Life of an Online College Student

Serenity Karee, Editor/Writer April 4, 2023

Growing up, I was always used to having things done the easy way; however, my freshman year in college humbled me in many ways. I learned some things that I lacked knowledge of, and some things happened...

Perception of Ways Social Media Has Affected Us Since 2020

Perception of Ways Social Media Has Affected Us Since 2020

Davina Gomez, Writer March 29, 2023

  Technology has always advanced at an incredibly fast rate. However, one could argue that social media has progressed even more quickly since 2020. First off, I want to explain how I personally...

Photo of Bucharests Arcul de Triumf

Romania’s Paris: Bucharest

Olivia Voelkel, President/Writer November 29, 2022

  Many cities in Europe and throughout the entire world are known for their various attractions and cultures; New York has the Empire State Building, Paris has the Eiffel Tower, London has...

The Void of Native American Cuisine in Culinary Arts

The Void of Native American Cuisine in Culinary Arts

Melissa Luna, Writer/Editor November 25, 2022

The holiday season signals an opportunity for family gatherings and feasts, and many will celebrate Thanksgiving during Native American Heritage Month. Ironically, Native American cuisine is woefully absent...

Your Voice Your Vote

Your Voice Your Vote

Derrick Spearman, Writer October 19, 2022

The midterm elections are on November 8th, 2022 and every vote matters. There is a lot at stake during this election as many human rights are on the ballot. In order to vote in a California election,...

Photo of Little Italy Sign by Olivia Voelkel

Fun Things to do as College Students in the Warmer Season

Olivia Voelkel, Writer May 10, 2022

As another school year is coming to an end, more and more businesses are opening up after the pandemic and the weather is warming up. Here is a look at some fun and affordable activities for college students...

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