Broken Window & New View

Broken Window

Life is like a broken window.

You aren’t always going to be the one who broke it

And you won’t always be able to fix it by yourself…

But it can always be fixed, or replaced.


You have the choice to leave it there shattered,

spend the rest of your life cutting yourself on the edges

Stepping on shards of broken glass,

But there is another option.


Even thought it is hard to do,

You can pick up the pieces.

You don’t have to try to get them all to fit back together

News flash, that won’t work.

It never does. It’s not supposed to.

Windows break so we can learn from what broke them,

And make a better situation,

So we don’t break the next window.


Maybe your window just needed a few supports

Or just a different kind of glass.

Instead of forcing the old point of view into the new window,

Take a good look through the new one,

And see what you can do with what it shows you…


You might just find that you like what you see

A whole lot better than what you were looking at before…

Herbert Santos-Pexels










New View

I recall times past

When this window was shattered

Behind it, a little girl cast

Sad glances know her life was in tatters

Through the years the girl grew

Life went on, love returned

The day they fixed it she knew

It was worth every bridge burned

The view out never really changed

Seasons came and went

The girl though, her whole life rearranged

Looking out and hoping lead to energy spent

In the end she began to realize

The outside may be nice

But her heart and mind were the true prize

And while rebuilding had its price

This new view would last

She was no longer looking out

Since turning her gaze inward

She dispelled every last seed of doubt

Alessio Cesario-Pexels