The Word “It”

The Word “It”

By Antonio Yanez 

It can have many meanings. 

Just what is it? 

Is it just a word you can’t explain? 


Could it be something that is a filler? 

Could something that be maintained in a proper essay? 

I am meant believe that the word it is to insignificant to be in a proper essay. 

The word it only works when talking. 

Can be explain in a matter of slang. 

Jst like we b kool the way we speak. 

Well many people would not understand this. 

But since I am reading it out loud it is simple enough to know what it means . 

Why make this division line between smart and dumb? 

The dumb are also smart! Just caught up in their own uniqueness. 

Just because they are different 

Are we so afraid to trust them in impossible acts that we cannot achieve. 

We are not so different but we are. 

So caught up in the world we live 

Just what the word it means?

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