You deeply

You deeply  

By Antonio Yanez 

Photo found on Pintrest here.

Here at Starbucks, you do homework, conversate with others, have time to think. 

It is such a simple way to release yourself. 

You get these deep thoughts . 

You can find some that you may want to share. 

You share of how you see life and many will say your way of thinking is incorrect. 

But! Only would you would know where you stand.  

In life… 

You will have to trust your inner strength. 

Always be open,  

Though listen to yourself. 

Whether you’re wrong or right. 

It is your choice. 

No one else. 

You’ve got to crave your own goals, 

Create your fantasy and make it a reality! 

Only have the potential to make it or crash it. 

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The Official Newspaper of Mt. San Jacinto College We are a platform for over 18,000 Mt. San Jacinto College students and the community to promote a diverse student voice, involvement from the college, and creative collaborations.

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