Talon Talks, Episode 2: Zoom Cameras

MSJC’s Talon podcast returns with a new episode of Talon Talks. This week the topic was if students and professors prefer Zoom cameras on or off and why. Talon members and advisors all shared our views on the subject. Please leave your opinion in the comments section.

Directed by:

MSJC Talon

Produced by:

MSJC’s The Talon

Edited by:

Nick Pettis

Recorded on:


Music provided by:

XTaKeRuX’s Destructing Own Kingdom
You can find this song and other music on FreeMusicArchive.org

Logo designed by:

Eddie Landeros


Eddie Landeros

Dr. Michele Weber

Cindy Lopez-Ordonez

Nick Pettis

Professor Ron Newman

Rony Armas

Seydel Perez

Castin Chamberlain

Jesus Alcala

Zaina Azim

and Justin Issleib

Published by The Talon

The Official Newspaper of Mt. San Jacinto College We are a platform for over 18,000 Mt. San Jacinto College students and the community to promote a diverse student voice, involvement from the college, and creative collaborations.

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