Behind the scenes of MSJC’s digital transformation

By Lillian Goodwin  The beginning of the Spring 2020 semester this year was standard procedure; Classes, clubs, and extracurricular activities met on time, in person, and everything was more or less as it had always been. There were distant concerns over the discovery of a new human-affecting variant of a bat virus in Asia, butContinue reading “Behind the scenes of MSJC’s digital transformation”


Queen  By Anthony Smart  The sun is alone, but yet   It continues to burn.   My heart is in pain, yet,  It continues to yearn.   Your natural hair is beautiful   As is, no need for a perm.  You’ve given a whole lot   Of love, so now it’s your turn.

Skating to stay positive and healthy in the midst of a pandemic

By Alyse Kiara Deatherage   When my second oldest sister and I were young, we each owned a pair of skates. Mine were a pair of blue Cinderella skates and my sister’s were black with purple roller blades. We often skated around our neighborhood and we enjoyed learning together.   A few Christmases ago, when I wasContinue reading “Skating to stay positive and healthy in the midst of a pandemic”

President Schultz stays busy with work during the COVID-19 pandemic

By Jesus Alcala Avalos Governor Gavin Newsom signed the stay-at-home order in response to COVID-19 on March 19. In response, Mt. San Jacinto College has closed its campuses to instruction.  The order meant less work for some people, but not for Mt. San Jacinto College Superintendent and President Roger Schultz.  “I wish I had timeContinue reading “President Schultz stays busy with work during the COVID-19 pandemic”