American Rescue Plan

By Justin Issleib | Apr. 16, 2021 2:45 p.m. The $1.9 trillion dollar coronavirus relief package, named the American Rescue Plan was signed into law by President Joe Biden and is his first legislation as President of the United States.  It has been titled the “American Rescue Plan.”  Now that this package has been signed intoContinue reading “American Rescue Plan”

Taking a scientific look at COVID-19

By Lillian Goodwin  With the COVID-19 pandemic resulting in such far-reaching panic, it’s easy to lose sight of the science among the noise. The sheer volume of COVID-19 related news is overwhelming, and it can be difficult to comb through, even with all this new free time.   The World Health Organization (WHO) has provided publicContinue reading “Taking a scientific look at COVID-19”