By Antonio Yanez

“Rise with Strength” mural in Lancaster, PA. Photo by Eddie Landeros.


What does redemption mean?

If you look for it through the internet.

It will say something like this

“the action of saving or being saved from sin, error, or evil.”

Is this how you feel?

If you would ask me

It is reborn, starting a new life


Oddly enough this new life treats me better

Nothing like the ole.

Becoming a motivator is one of my hobbies.

Then the ole guy speaks to the young

To enjoy life while you still can.

Laugh, cry, respect to those respect you.

Be hard, cruel and rude to those who will mistreat you.

Life is too precious to let it get away.

Come on!! Ride the bull

Grab it by the horns

And then… Spread your young wings, they will carry you far.