MSJC Spotlight: Allison Arnzen – Traveling and Transferring in 2021


Eddie Landeros

The Talon’s Eddie Landeros interviews fellow member Allison Arnzen, a hard-working and ambitious MSJC student getting ready to graduate and transfer to SDSU for her Bachelor’s program! Allison is a person of many talents from journalism and digital media creation to modeling and trendy crafting. She stays positive and true to herself in order to be mentally and physically happy as her best self.

During this semester, Allison finished up her final classes for graduation all while traveling to Italy for international modeling. Eddie and Allison discuss her experiences traveling abroad, reflect on the past year, and look ahead to the future for what is in store.

We could not be more proud and excited for Allison to graduate and take another step further into her career in journalism! We will miss her but we know she is destined for success. Enjoy the interview!