Kayla Lewis


Light and Dark, Happy and Sad

Hot and Cold, Good and Bad

All the world in neat little pairs

Not one without the other


Boy and Girl, Man and Woman

Same and different, human and inhuman

Pairs everywhere, but where do I fit?

Bisexual, does it have an opposite?



They aren’t like silverware

Sold in sets

They only come as a pair


So then where?

Does non-binary fit?

Some say, right there!

Must I pick one? Is that it?


Two spirits, one body

Does that mean we don’t need anybody?

Still I am only one person, with one heart

What to do then…where to start?


“Bi” may mean two

But I am still just one

I could be my own soulmate

But that’s not as fun


As usual, I must forge my own path

Bisexual doesn’t mean both

Being non-binary, I have to laugh

These misunderstandings lead to growth


Pairs are nice enough

A trio or group might do too

Though the path may be rough

To myself I will always stay true


Whether you are staying in or coming out

Don’t let anyone give you a reason to doubt

Your worth or place in this world

Because baby, “pair” is just a word.