The Talon and SGA Halloween Scary Stories WINNERS

The Talon and SGA partnered to do a scary stories contest for Spirit Week. These are the winning submissions. Stories have only been lightly edited by the Talon staff.


Pixabay creative commons

Creepy sunset haunted house

Cynthia Anderson

Scary Story #1 WINNER – Haunted House

I don’t know how I got there, but there I was, walking around alone inside a haunted house.

Feeling eerily uncomfortable. It was dusk and the moon was out, radiating a soothing white light wherever possible. As I was walking in this long hallway, I heard the ominous sound of an owl hooting away in the distance. It was both annoying and irritating, the hairs on the back of my next stood up for no apparent reason. I turned around and looked at the surroundings that were around me and all the sudden I saw a ghost across from me. It had the pointiest shoes I ever saw. I heard something slam and it was a broomstick. I was really starting to get scared now and the gentle breeze now seemed to travel through my physical being leaving me feeling as cold as the ice. I opened my mouth to scream, but nothing came out. As I opened my mouth the air seemed to dry it within an instant, and it became as dry as an old wooden floor. My voice and speech disintegrated into ashes as I tried to scream, But why?

Was I dead or was I dreaming? I decided that I must have been imagining it. I tried to shake these uncomfortable thoughts out of my head, but something kept them there. I realized I would not be able to get rid of these thoughts if I stayed where I was and so I told myself to keep on walking down this long dark hallway. It seemed like it would never end. I didn’t know where I was going. A small invisible force seemed to be pushing me forward towards a decapitated person. So, I ran as fast as I could and ended up in a very large bedroom with the weirdest bathroom. I heard something. Water was slowly splashing against the shower. It started pulling me down under the floor. I couldn’t stop it. Strangely I ended up somewhere else on the other side of the house. After a few long seconds, I managed to slow my heart rate down to a safe level and was pretty sure I wasn’t having some kind of heart attack. I flipped my overgrown blond hair out of my eyes. Bracing both of my worn black converse sneakers, I tensed my body, as quickly as I could, I ran out and shoved open the freezing cold gate whilst trying not to touch it more than necessary. The gate was so rusty, that opening it had almost pulled the edges of my raincoat shut. I observed that the front yard was made up of grass which were more skeletons of once living things, well whatever was left of the grass anyway. The dry gravel crunched like broken bones as I tiptoed towards the entrance of the house. Each step was a step closer to unleashed hell. Molding steps lead up towers to the entrance of the house, with each step causing a crack and paralyzing scary squeak. The fencing greying oak door was engraved with strange vintage patterns and weird symbols, which were now partially eaten away by mold and termites; there were so many arched windows from the front of the house. Each of them was cracked, with no glass on them. I glanced at the stained gold knocker in the shape of a demon on the front door. I jumped back and quickly spun around to face my so-called friends who appeared out of nowhere and they were keeping their distance from the house by standing away.

haunted house ( Photo by Gurvan Rolland from Pexels)

Continuing my exploration, I walked under a doorway only to find myself in another room, something that seemed like a kitchen. I immediately noticed a large circle mahogany dinner table covered by a beautiful grey vintage table sheet with lace trimming with six chairs surrounding it. Five chairs looked either new or even unused apart from the dust one was worn out and looked as if it had been repeatedly sat on for many years. I felt pity for whoever lived in the house, finally realizing the lonely life they must have lived, the house without wiping their shoes, the cracks in the titles were encrusted with several small mounds of soil. There was a blackened stove with a small pot still sitting on it. I did not dare look at what was inside it. I noticed an open window directly opposite from it with a tree branch sticking through the middle of the cracked glass making it look as though the tree branch had managed to grow inside the house. Inching towards the window, I swept a portion of dust from the window ledge revealing that it used to be a creme color. I imagined someone calmly putting their elbows on the ledge and looking out from the window. A single gold etched dinner plate lay on the edge of the table directly in front of the worn-out chair and upon the plate was a decomposing unknown substance that was probably once someone’s dinner. I turned and walked away fearing its appearance and overpowering odor would make me sick.

old piano and keys (Maria Orlova

I took a turn towards the stairs and before noticing that in the living room was a Steinway grand piano that had somehow survived its time in the haunted house. It looked as though it was once a glossy black but was now a dull grey molding instrument. The yellowish keys were still amazingly attached. I cautiously walked towards the piano and raised my hand to place upon the dusty keys, curiously to see if time had affected its sound. I repeatedly tapped on one key which produced a weird satanic sound. Just as in every horror movie I’ve watched, I expected the piano to mysteriously start playing by itself and I would start running for my life, but nothing happened. Only the eerie echoes of the satanic keys I played. As I leaned on the keys, a cracking sound from the wood made me jump back. I slowly backed away scared that I would crumble it even more and moved back towards the base of the stairs. I looked out and my friends had all disappeared all the sudden. I started running out of the house and it seemed that I was possessed. I couldn’t go faster.

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