Spooky Story #5 – The Horror Within

Alexis Calain, Contest Winner

This scary story starts a little different than most. Instead of looking around the outside world for what ghost or goblin is near, you will all look inside yourselves to see what true darkness is lurking. Imagine you are in a forest. It looks familiar, as if it is calling you to wonder. The moon is shining bright directly on you, as the whispers of the trees come close enough to send chills down your spine. With each rising goosebump the tic inside you is itching to come out. The secrets you all hold deep in your bellies become hypnotized by the coo of the owls lurking in the trees. You take a step and as the snap of the branch echoes through you, your true self comes into focus. The demons that haunt you when you stare at yourself in the mirror have finally consumed you; no longer willing to hide behind such false innocent eyes.

“Oneday I will Open Myself” Adrian Borda @adrian.borda on IG

You fall deep into the sorrow of your subconscious. You no longer have control over your body and can only watch it take on its true form. Your spine snaps, crackles, and pops as it releases the anger and frustration you feel day by day. With the awakening of the terror inside you, it is only a matter of time until something bad happens. Like a werewolf calling for its pack with a single howl, you gladly invite your demons to come out and play.

As if you are a predator tracking its prey, you follow those who have done you wrong. Plotting your revenge -oh yes how sweet it will feel- you linger in the shadows waiting to snatch them up. An eye for an eye is the rationalization you make up as you try to hold on to some sort of humanity. But it is too late for that because you created the monster that now lives within the world. See, you made the choice to sacrifice your sanity. You chose to not act in the moment and instead let the tension boil up inside, until the lid finally popped off. If only you just said something, then maybe you wouldn’t be becoming what you always have hated about yourself.

The constant gnawing in your head has resided; for you finally get to do something about all the things that drive you mad. Like a clown putting on its makeup, you used to smile to hide how you really felt. But now -oh yes finally now- you can smear your face paint and show the world the true creature you are. See, unlocking the demon is the easy part but closing it back up is where it gets tricky.

You try and claw your way back into control, but you are too weak to truly do anything. You have no choice but to move like a puppet to the beat of your dying heart. The panic you feel only makes the darkness stronger; as it blows through your life, destroying everything you love. With passion to save, comes the desire to destroy those in your way. This is what happens when you pick your sanity lock. So, make sure your seatbelt is securely fastened and your focus is always on. Because the second you let go, the real horror within takes its turn at ruling.