No Ordinary Kid

Brianna Miranda, Guest Writer

Kyran, formally known as “K2Icyy,” has found his rhythm to break into the music industry. He is a 16 year old Murrieta, California native.  He has received a great deal of admiration from artists like Drake and Ice Cube, and K2Icyy has a vision that will inspire many people across the globe.

Kyran’s stage name also matches his personality. Kyran states that the K in K2Icyy stands for his first name, followed by the number two,  representing the age he started rapping, and finally the end of his name represents always having jewelry.   The jewelry helps to keep his appearance icy.

In a recent interview with K2, he was asked “Why did you choose music?” He replied, “Music is a hobby that I want to turn into a job one day; I’ve been rapping since I was two-years-old and fell in love with it.”

@K2icyy Instagram

While his inspiration can range all the way from from the big screen to home, K2Icyy is very family oriented. He gained a love for music growing up watching his brothers rap and perform.  Instantly he knew that was the lead he needed to follow. He really started tapping into his talent when he was15.  Additionally,  K2Icyy explained that he never wanted his parents to know he rapped, but he also knew this is what he truly wanted to do.

K2 is also a regular teenager, who is still finding his own identity. He is a dual sport athlete in high school, and he doesn’t miss a beat. Like typical teenage duty, Mr. Icyy spends a lot of time with his friends, while still maintaining his life as an artist. His mother encourages him to be involved in charities, foundations, and still remain a kid.  He can do all of this while staying true to his music career.

The opportunities are endless when it comes to K2. The limelight is not a surprise to this young musician who has many talents and experiences; in acting, modeling, even commercial work.” Dabbling in everything has been something he has always been able to do. K2 also has dreams to be bigger than his music.    It begins with him being an impactful person.   K2 said, “Don’t give up, there’s always people who are going to talk about you, just let them talk and don’t take the hate seriously.”

K2 has never allowed outsiders to have a say about his career and the path he has chosen.   This has really helped to solidify his position in life, even at a very young age. K2 recently performed at his high school prom and proved to his peers that he’s got everything it takes to make it.

The rest is up to him.

K2Icyy can be found  on all music platforms.

“Deadshot” is K2’s most recent and best song.  It has 14-thousand views on Spotify. K2 has really mastered his craft on this song and found his lane.  “This is really my sound”, K2 said.

People expect nothing short of success from this artist. For him, the journey has just begun.

Photo Credit:  Kyran Jackson


Instagram:  @k2icyy