Eight Years of Persistence

Christopher Douglas holding his Associates Degree

Christopher Douglas

Christopher Douglas holding his Associates Degree

Ashley Liermann, Writer

Former MSJC student, Christopher Douglas, did not plan on taking eight years to obtain his associate degree. Generally, it takes two years to complete and obtain an associates degree as a full-time student, and this is what Christopher originally intended.

“I started MSJC right after high school in the year of 2011, and I was 18 years old. I had an idea of what I wanted to do, but over time, that changed,” Christopher stated in an interview. He explained that once he got started in classes, he began learning more about himself and what he really loved to do.

“You’re never too old or too young to start college because that’s what life is about, continual learning. Wherever you’re at in life, and if you don’t know what you want to do, that’s okay too because you can start with interests you have, and learn as you go,” he remarked.

Christopher explained in detail how his interest in computers led  him to land on getting a degree that deals with these interests. He then became more confident with a plan to earn an associates of science degree in computer information systems, and then he planned to transfer to continue work on a bachelor’s degree in the same field.

The hardest challenge Christopher explained was, “finding a balance of life between working while still making time for school, and the challenge of availability to get the classes needed for my degree.” That really prolonged the process.

footprints in the sand (Christopher Douglas)

At one point, he grew frustrated with the amount of time it was taking on top of work and his life circumstances. Thus, he decided to take a break for a semester after attending for three years.

“At one point, I did in a way give up when life started taking over, and I was frustrated that I ended up taking a break. Eventually, I realized I was so close to getting something that I questioned myself, why not just finish so I can say I completed it and got something for it to further advance my career opportunities,” he stated.

Christopher concluded with this:  “You don’t have to know everything when you first start or even have an idea of what you want to do or how you’re going to do it. It’s very difficult to narrow down what you want to do for the rest of your life as life is about trying many different opportunities. As you carry on, you’ll grow and learn, so long as you keep trying.”

A computer that is being worked on (Christopher Douglass)

Christopher has graduated after eight years of attending community college at MSJC with an associate of science degree in computer information systems. He is now currently working towards a bachelor’s degree, and has used his associates to obtain secure career opportunities in a field where he loves working. He believes that it is important for students to stay motivated, knowing that you must keep moving forward and try your best wherever you are in life. Persistence is the key to success.