MSJC’s Student Trustee discusses importance of student voice

Elected as student trustee in the 2021 fall semester, Jaidalyn Bradley spoke with The Talon and communicated her vision and goals.

Victor Ortiz, Jr., Writer

Jaidalyn Bradley will serve as the MSJC student trustee through the spring 2021 semester. Photo provided by Jaidalyn Bradley

The student voice is important for Jaidalyn Bradely and she wants to work with  Mt. San Jacinto Community College in reaching out to students.

Bradley wants to hear directly from students about their concerns outside of academics, meaning that she wants to know if their basic needs such as food security, shelter, physical and mental health support are being met, she told The Talon in a November 2021 interview. 

Bradley said that she would like students to feel comfortable no matter their background or situation and wants them to be aware that people, including MSJC faculty, are very supportive and understanding of their needs—especially amid the COVID-19 pandemic—and want to help.

“We need to actively pursue equity in order to make sure that everything we’re doing as an institution is being guided through that mindset. This includes ensuring that students feel comfortable,” said Bradely.

To increase communication between MSJC and students, Bradley is working with the Student Government Association in planning the return of the student town halls she had introduced in January 2020, so that students have a “direct line of communication” with the executive leaders of the school regarding their concerns, she said.

“We’re also working on creating a social justice club or some social justice organization association apart from SGA, so that students know where they can go to talk about these things,” Bradley said. “Student voices are important. Their voice genuinely does matter.”

Bradley mentioned she also plans on creating a Google form where students can express their concerns and provide feedback as another communication tool. 

She is aware that students might be shy to express concerns to leaders, but invites students to approach her, so that she can help and advocate for them. Bradley also emphasized that the faculty, too, are genuinely caring and want to know how they’re doing. 

Bradley admits that she does not always give the impression of approachability, but said that she is one of the most approachable individuals and wants students to know that she cares and can be trusted. 

Currently in her sophomore year at MSJC, Bradley will be transferring to a four year university after the current semester and plans on pursuing a bachelor’s degree in philosophy. Thereafter, she will attend law school with the dream of becoming a civil rights attorney.