Pizza, Poetry, and the Power of Charity

Gina Sanford, Writer

Topspin Pizza & Pong is a family-owned and family-operated small business located in Temecula, California. Every month Topspin Pizza & Pong holds a unique charitable event that brings together people who are passionate about short stories, spoken word, and poetry to raise money for charity.

Photo Taken by Gina Sanford

Hope Services, the charity that organizes this event provides services to children, adults, and seniors. Hope Services offers day services, community living, mental health services, training, and employment opportunities. The next event date is March 27th from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm. This event is typically held on a Sunday every month and tickets are $10 each. 

Those who attend this event are supporting a small business and changing people’s lives by helping a charity. People will have the choice to either be a performer or have fun being an audience member. This event brings together both creative and compassionate people to make a positive change in the world.

Photo Taken by Gina Sanford

Sharing poetry and listening to poetry can be very healing. “Poetry is useful for those who cannot speak with words alone but also have to speak with their soul”, said Maximo Galvan, a poetry lover. Galvan encourages people to attend this event to inspire others to give back as well. “I believe this event will go ahead and inspire others to go ahead and help their own local communities in meaningful ways, whether through poetry or some other form of cultural exchange”, said Galvan.

Photo From Topspin Pizza & Pong’s Instagram

Artists and audience members can play ping pong, eat pizza, express their creativity through poetry, and support a great cause. People can learn more about the Hope Services charity by visiting their website. Additionally, people can learn more about the restaurant and purchase tickets for the event by visiting Topspin Pizza & Pong’s website or the Eventbrite website. Come be a part of the collaborative effort to celebrate poetry and the power of charity!

Photo Taken by Gina Sanford