“Clue Is Closing!”

Ava Sarnowski, Writer

Stepping into the theater for the closing Sunday matinee, the sounds of rainfall and distant thunder echo across the space. Audience members speak in a hushed manner until musical director and live pianist Randon Lane Jr. takes to the side of the stage, with a candelabra in hand. He bows, takes his seat and starts to play the piano signifying the start of the show. The backdrop lifts away revealing a set depicting the interior of an old-fashioned mansion. The maid Yvette, played by Annalise Valenzuela, dusts furniture and pours champagne in preparation for the guests’ arrival. Overseeing this surprise get-together is the butler Wadsworth, played expertly by Tyler Lloyd. Polished and pristine, he greets each guest as they walk through the doors. Once dinner concludes and all guests are acquainted with each other, they are presented with gifts and a game to play.

Clue Photograph: Cast
Shawna Sarnowski Photography

“Clue” is a stage production based on the Hasbro Board Game of the same name. It is a comedic show where the bodies are dropping, and a murderer is loose in the manor. When a group of unlikely guests are brought together, they must not only find out who among them is a killer, but dispose of the blackmail set to destroy their precious reputations. Clue was produced and presented by Temecula Valley Players, and shown at the Old Town Temecula Community Theatre just this February. Here is what this show was all about. 

 Let’s begin with the actors, those who brought these iconic suspects to life. Katie Bailey played Miss Scarlet, an alluring beauty with a penchant for unveiling secrets. “I have always been a huge fan of the movie and this has been a dream come true to portray such an intricate story with beautifully written, vivid characters that we all grew up with on a board game!” says Bailey. Patti Drew played Mrs. Peacock, a hysteric lady who’s hellbent on assuring her innocence. Mrs. White, played by Kristine Kultzow, was a suave yet cold-hearted widow. Tim Wheeler played Colonel Mustard, a pretentious military figure. Professor Plum, played by Cole Harvey, was a narcissistic academic. Finally, J. Kay Weldon played the feverishly neurotic Mr. Green. 

Gracing the stage alongside them were three ensemble cast members—Marry Bean, Rossi C. Smith, and Nicolas Amador. “I believe that everything we have done with this show is amazing and I am really happy with the overall product. I can not wait to do a show here again.” exclaims Nicolas. Each of the three cast members juggled numerous different roles throughout the show, some of which were even back to back! Mary Bean’s brief role as the Singing Telegram Girl for act two was one of the most successful gags of the entire production, sending the audience into a series of laughter. All performers combined made for a stellar cast that drove home the chaotic nature of the show perfectly.

Cast Promotional Shot: Set/Cast
Shawna Sarnowski Photography

Hijinks ensue until the very end! The killer is revealed, suspects are apprehended, with a few more twists and turns along the way. Director Carol Damgen and movement director Peter Varvel succeeded in bringing such charm to this variation of the show. The characters were also wonderfully represented through their costumes, as young Jillian Barr did a fabulous job for this production. If you did not get a chance to see this show, there are still plenty of opportunities to catch other productions presented at the Old Town Temecula Community Theater by Temecula Valley Players. Find a clue, and learn more at Temecula Valley Players | Community Arts and Plays!