MSJC Has Mental Health Services for Students


Hugo Aguliar

MSJC Student Health center on the San Jacinto Campus

Marley Mittleman, Writer

In recent years, mental health has become an increasingly important topic, especially amongst college students and young adults. It has also become more socially acceptable to talk about mental struggles and ways to help alleviate them. However many college students are unaware of where to start and feel mental health services are not available or affordable for them. 

For MSJC students there is good news! As an MSJC student you have access to high quality mental health care that is professional, confidential, supportive, and affordable. Simply go to the MSJC website, click on the student health center and their services, then scroll down to find a link to the personal counseling information.

inside the student health center on the San Jacinto campus (Hugo Aguilar)

The services provided range from simply adjusting to college life and stress management to depression, addiction, family relationship counseling, and much more.

Live video Telehealth appointments are available Monday through Friday. These secure live video calls with a licensed counselor can be made from the comfort of your own home, a park, or another favorite spot of yours using a smartphone or a computer. 

If you do not have a webcam, or feel uncomfortable with live video, no worries! Telehealth appointments can be arranged for audio only. 

You can also follow @MSJC on Instagram for updates on daily available appointments and other mental health tips. 

Make your mental health a priority and don’t be afraid to use your resources. MSJC cares about you and provides you with the ability to reach out in times of need.