“Shh! Our Lips Are Sealed!”

Ava Sarnowski, Writer

After the Covid-19 pandemic, Temecula’s Reality Rally fundraiser has returned to provide the community with a jump start back into reality. The primary event of the lineup, the Lip Sync Showdown, will be held May 6th at South Coast Winery Resort and Spa Ballroom. The occasion will bring volunteer performers together for an evening full of laughs and enjoyment for all.

Shawna Sarnowski

Jonnie Fox has been working with Reality Rally for five years and has been directing the Lip Sync Showdown since its inception. Fox is a local vocalist who earned her position after being contacted by Gillian Larson, the founder of the event. Larson believed Fox would be a good fit for director of a lip sync event in Reality Rally. One pitch later and they were golden, as every Lip-Sync Showdown since then gets sold out. “Our first event went over so well. It was so exciting and fun that each year the interest and participation continued to grow, because word of mouth was so great about the fun everyone has at the event.” Fox says. Fox’s process of bringing performers together for the event first started with reaching out over Facebook. She has contacted performers who have participated in the event before, while still advertising to attract new ones. The choices are selective, as the number of performances is limited. However, each performer knows to prioritize an outrageous energy for their songs and create a fun experience for the audience.

This year, ticket-buyers can anticipate seeing a grandiose group of performers with big plans of outdoing each other. They’ll all be attired in fabulous costuming and performing to songs that are easy to sing along with“In my opinion, it is the ‘cheapest ticket in town for the value of the entertainment.’” Fox says. Everyone in the show is muted and kept uninformed about what their fellow competitors are doing. It helps to heighten the element of surprise and preserve the competitive edge that will follow, come the day of the showdown. Fox says that the Lip Sync Competition will consist of eleven different performances. Some are solo, others have two or more people, and a small handful will have seven to eight people on stage. The closing number is an estimated ten minutes long, guaranteed to get everyone dancing!

Shawna Sarnowski

Reality Rally’s combined effort helps raise money for Michelle’s Place: Cancer Resource Center, an organization that provides over 10,000 free services for families and individuals affected by different kinds of cancers every year. “It’s very very rewarding. Our entire community is so aware of what Michelle‘s Place does, and it’s really an honor to be a part of something that is helping contribute to their cause.” Fox says. It’s a show folks won’t want to miss, as one event ticket offers purchasers an evening full of fun for a great cause. Reality Rally’s Lip Sync Showdown will be supplying a cash and taco bar, and give watchers the chance to vote for their favorite act to be a part of the People’s Choice Award. Tables are selling fast, so if you’re interested in being a part of the festivities, more information can be found at realityrally.com.