5th Place – “There are Monsters” by Sai Kaylaan Ajoy

5th Place:

“There are Monsters” by Sai Kaylaan Ajoy


There are monsters stalking through the night.

There is nothing scarier than Halloween.

During this night, fear reigns supreme,

As well as many other things.


Having prepared yourself, are you sure you are ready?

The night is not for those who are easily scared.

It is a night filled with monsters from hell,

We are celebrating the Night of Fright tonight.


Say you’d like a trick or a treat,

It would have been better if you hadn’t waited until the end of the day.

The tricks and treats you have collected tonight will be lost,

A monster needs to eat for survival.


There is no time to waste on this night,

Otherwise, you will experience real fright.


During ancient times, this night was feared by the people,

There was fright on the night they greeted each other.

As you will soon learn, they were scared for a reason.

On this eve of All Hollow’s Spooky Day.