2nd Place – “La Llorona” by Felipe Lucero

2nd Place:

“La Llorona” by Felipe Lucero 


She went insane,

She drowned her kids,

Regret overcame her,

She dived right in,

She could not find them,

She still looks for them to this day…


She steals children,

In hopes of finding her own,

Two boys,

From a man that had strayed,

Blinded by anger and rage,

She drowned her babies.


She lures them out with her constant weeping,

In hopes of reuniting with her little angelitos,

Allowing her access into heaven.


This is the story that we’re all told,

Whether it be this version or another,

We were scared into staying inside,

To not venture out after dark,

To always do good,

Otherwise, this vengeful spirit will come,

And mistake us for her children.


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