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Talon Talks Season 2 Episode 7: Youre Not Alone (Mental Health Episode)

Talon Talks Season 2 Episode 7: You’re Not Alone (Mental Health Episode)

Nick Pettis, President/ Video Content Editor December 5, 2021

Talon members Jonah Rauch, Kayla Lewis, Cynthia Carrillo, Castin Chamberlain, and Anthony Orrico and advisor Dr. Michele Weber all got together to discuss mental health in this episode of Talon Talks. National...

Our Battle With Epilepsy: Part Two – Destiney Wendt

Cynthia Carillo, Vice President/ Writer November 23, 2021

MSJC Talon Video Content Producer/Editor Nick Pettis and Writer / Co-Editor Cynthia Carrillo met with Destiney Wendt and listened to her share her epilepsy story.

Talon Talks Season 2 Episode 5: Native American Heritage Month

Nick Pettis, President / Video Content Editor November 22, 2021

Talon member Kayla Lewis and advisor Dr. Michele Weber met with Professor John Torres, an Anthropology professor at MSJC, who is also of Chicano and Navajo descent, to discuss Native American heritage...

Robot in front of computer screen

Real Students or “Bad Actors”

Nick Pettis, Video Content Creator October 14, 2021

At the beginning of the Fall Semester of 2021, classes started and some students came to take classes on campus, while others remained online.   One thing that happened that was unexpected,...

None to the Angels: A Satire on Mental Illness

None to the Angels: A Satire on Mental Illness

May 18, 2021

By Alexander Sokol | May 18, 2021 3:45 p.m. Warning: This piece is a satire on the stigma of having a mental illness. Don't believe anything you read here. “… another school, another...

The Talons Childhood: Favorite Video Games

The Talon’s Childhood: Favorite Video Games

May 18, 2021

By Nick Pettis | May 18, 2021 3:40 p.m. MSJC Talon's Nick Pettis meets with Eddie Landeros, Castin Chamberlain, and Jesus Alcala to discuss their favorite childhood video games. Check the...

Fight For Your Right To Vote

Fight For Your Right To Vote

April 23, 2021

Women have fought for many causes during history. They've fought for civil rights, abolition, and much more. Women did not receive their right to vote until the early 1900's. Nick Pettis and Cynthia...

Dance Classes Transition Online

April 7, 2021

By Jesus Alcala Avalos| Apr. 7, 2021 01:00 P.M. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, Mt. San Jacinto College closed its campuses on March 13,2020. Every class normally in-person transitioned to online...

Talon Talks Episode 6: We want you to be an AAPI ally

April 7, 2021

By The Talon | April 7, 2021 2:00 p.m. MSJC Talon's Nick Pettis, Eddie Landeros, Jesus Alcala, and Dr. Michele Weber get together to discuss the hate crimes against Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders. AAPI...

MSJC Talon Talks Episode 5: Game Night for Mental Health Awareness

March 13, 2021

By MSJC's The Talon| Mar. 13, 2021 3:00 p.m. The COVID-19 pandemic has made it difficult for people to keep calm during the world being turned upside down. So, what does MSJC's Talon do? We got together...

To Live is To Die: The Art of Ichinen with Victoria Caballero and Nick Clifton

March 6, 2021

By Eddie Landeros | March 6, 2021 1:00 p.m. Paintings, drawings, music, calligraphy, food... Ichinen has a love for it all. Ichinen is an art group with several members on a mission to create a piece...

MSJC Black Influences: Important figures in our students lives

MSJC Black Influences: Important figures in our students’ lives

February 28, 2021

  Mt. San Jacinto, Calif.–– With February coming to an end, The Talon honors Black lives that have influenced others regardless of their skin color, nationality, gender or sexual...

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