2022 Midterm Election Results

Derrick Spearman, Writer

It feels as if we have been waiting forever for the election to wrap up, and even now, there are still some races around the country that are either too close to call and/or still counting votes. The Democrats kept their majority in the Senate and have a shot at increasing their majority in the Georgia runoff on December 6th. Republicans are projected to retake the House of Representatives. Going into this election, there were calls of a red wave or even a red tsunami, but instead of a red wave, we got maybe a red puddle. The Democrats outperformed expectations greatly, especially thanks to the Gen-Z voters.  


Photo of Maxwell Alejandro Frost (mentioned below) from Maxwell Alejandro Frost’s Twitter

In the California 2022 gubernatorial race, incumbent Governor Gavin Newsom (D) easily beat his Republican challenger Brian Dahle and is on pace to win by 20 points. In the senate race incumbent Alex Padilla (D), who was appointed by Gavin Newsom after Kamala Harris stepped down to be elected Vice President of the U.S., defeated his Republican challenger Mark Mueser. Just like Newsom, he is on pace to win by 20 points. With the win, Padilla will earn his first full-term in the United States Senate. Incumbent Lieutenant Governor Eleni Kounalakis (D) defeated his Republican challenger, Angela Underwood Jacobs. Incumbent Attorney General Rob Bonta (D) defeated Nathan Hotchman (R) to remain the state’s Attorney General. Overall, it was an expected outcome in those races. 


Photo of Tina Kotek from Tina Kotek’s Twitter

In other races around the country, we witnessed history. In Florida’s 10th congressional district, Maxwell Alejandro Frost (D) was elected to the House Of Representatives. Frost will be the first person from Gen-Z to be elected into congress and the first Afro-Cuban to be elected in congress. In the Pennsylvania 12th congressional district, Summer Lee (D) was elected to the House of Representatives. Lee will be the first Black woman from Pennsylvania to be elected into Congress. In Arkansas, Sarah Huckabee Sanders (R) was elected as Governor, and she will be the first woman to serve as the Governor of Arkansas. In Maryland, Wes Moore (D) was elected as Governor, and he will be the first Black Governor of Maryland. Maura Healey (D) was elected as Governor of Massachusetts, and Tina Kotek (D) was elected as Governor of Oregon. They will both be the first two openly lesbian women to be elected as a Governor in the United States. 


Photo of Maura Healey (mentioned above) from Maura Healey’s Twitter

In Riverside County, Yxstian Gutierrez (D) declared victory over Incumbent Jeff Hewitt (LP) for Riverside County supervisor in District 5, which covers Banning, Beaumont, Cabazon, Calimesa, Cherry Valley, Hemet, Lakeview, Moreno Valley, Nuevo, San Jacinto, and part of Valle Vista. Guttierez’s win will give Democrats a 3-2 majority on the board of supervisors, alongside Chuck Washington and Manuel Perez. 


In another local race, Corey Jackson (D) defeated Hector Diaz-Nava (R) for State Assembly in the 60th District and will be the first openly gay Black man to serve as a California lawmaker, as well as becoming the first Black man to represent Riverside County in State Assembly. The 60th district covers Perris, Moreno Valley, San Jacinto, Hemet and parts of Riverside. 


Photo by Brett Sayles on Pexels

California Ballot Measures

Proposition 1: Adds the right to abortion and contreceptive use to the State constitution. 

Californians voted yes. This will add more protections to the right of bodily autonomy by making it a constitutional right in the state of California. 

Proposition 26: Allows Native American tribes to offer sports betting on tribal lands.

Californians voted no. Sports betting and at Native American tribal lands will continue to be illegal in the state of California along with no games using dice. 

Proposition 27: Legalizes sports betting via agreements with Native American tribes. 

Californians overwhelmingly voted no. Over 80% voted no on this proposal. Online sports betting will continue to be illegal in the state of California. 

Proposition 28: Increase spending on arts programs in public schools.

Californians voted yes. This will require schools to invest more in art and music programs. 

Proposition 29: Regulates staffing of kidney dialysis clinics. 

Californians voted no. Dialysis clinics will not be required to to have at least one physician, nurse practitioner, or physician assistant while patients are being treated. 

Proposition 30: Imposes a tax to support the purchase of electric vehicles. 

This race was a little more tight compared to other ballot measures but Californians voted no. There will be no incentives for electric vehicles or an increase in income tax for above $2 million. The increase in tax would have been to fund for wildfire prevention and clean air. 

Proposition 31: Upholds state law barring sale of flavored tobacco.

Californians voted yes. The sale of flavored tobacco products will be illegal in the state of California.