You Lost “The Game”

This Mind Game Has The Potential To Improve Long-Term Memory

Camryn Friday, Writer


Graphic created by Camryn Friday on Canva. (2023).

     By reading this sentence, you have lost the game. If you know what that means, you are probably very frustrated. If you do not know what that means, you are probably very confused. If this is something you have never heard of, you have been winning “The Game” until now. “The Game” is a mind game played, usually among friends, where you try to forget the words “The Game.” When you remember “The Game,” you lose it; you tell all of your friends that they also lost the game to make them lose too.


Memory process graphic created by Camryn Friday on Canva. (2023).

      The memory process involves three steps: encoding, storage, and retrieval. Using “The Game” as an example: the moment you learn about the game is the exact moment that your brain encodes this new knowledge which then turns it into “a memory.” Next is when your brain stores this knowledge for you to access later. In this part of “The Game,” your mind is responsible for remembering that “The Game” exists in the future. The final step is retrieval, where the information previously encoded is brought to mind. This happens when you randomly remember “The Game” and cause other players to lose with you.

     Memory games and puzzles are essential for the human mind to strengthen long-term memory. An article from the Mayo Clinic, a non-profit organization specializing in education and research of clinical practice and healthcare providers, explains some tips to improve memory. Among the seven tips in the article, a distinct one has strong ties to “The Game.” 

     Not only is this game testing your ability to remember something you are intentionally trying to

Graphic created by Camryn Friday on Canva. (2023).

forget, but it also gives players a chance to engage with others. Spending time with others is a tip the Mayo Clinic shares and is a massive part of this brain game. When you remember “The Game,” you must remember who else plays “The Game” to make them lose. This in itself makes it a valuable psychological game that could strengthen one’s long-term memory.

     As pointless as it may seem, a silly little game like this can be a helpful tool for enhancing your memory. Now, it is your job to forget about “The Game,” until you randomly remember it, forget it, remember it again…and forget it over and over again.