The Things I Have Seen

Photo by Eddie Landeros

The Things I Have Seen  

By Eddie Landeros 

I have seen the world in many different ways 

I’ve seen some of its colors, but mostly its grays 

I’ve seen a baby being born, gasping for its first breath 

I’ve seen a corpse in a casket, the silence that is death 

I’ve seen laughter from friends because of the jokes I tell 

I’ve seen tears from loved ones because I put their son in a cell 

I’ve seen eagles soar through the sky, freedom beneath their wings 

I’ve seen lions in cages cry, freedom only in their dreams 

I’ve seen the sun rise in the east and set in the west 

I’ve seen the moon shine while the world was at rest 

I’ve seen my twin brother, whom I know in and out 

I’ve seen my own reflection, whom I know nothing about 

These are the things I have seen.