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First Place Poem, “Wuxing: The Natural Dialectic”

Julie Chandler May 14, 2024

Editor's note: "Wuxing: The Nature Dialectic" had layers, and it engaged with the prompt in a unique and thoughtful way. The use of Hegelian dialectics to address humanity's relationship with the environment...

Second Place Poem, “Mother’s Letter”

Noemi Saucedo May 14, 2024

Mother's Letter Oh, how I’ve labored  To give you a home One that you favored Not one to be owned   Dappled daisies in fields of green Watered oceans blue Anything just to be seen I could...

Third Place Poem, “Remembrance”

Sydney Cole May 14, 2024

Remembrance Fainted pink blooms sprout from the ground,  Obfuscated by azure blue’s kiss in maturity,  Reinvigorated and  Growing taller and taller, they whisper, Forget me not.  Evangelistically,...

Fourth Place Poem, “Sand”

Laura Brill May 14, 2024

Sand the sand was soft. i dragged my feet deeper and deeper  i couldn't stop pacing i couldn't pick up my feet. i wanted the sand to bury me to suffocate me and swallow me whole my...

Fifth Place Poem “After Texas”

Kaden Reamy May 14, 2024

After Texas With veins that spill the rouge of a cardinal’s feathers, We reflect the common magpie, In an attempt to collect all of Earth’s treasures To prevent them from corroding. We...

Sixth Place Poem “Are Villains Better?”

Hailey Hays May 14, 2024

Are Villains Better I want to be a hero but I feel more for the Villain One with Medusa’s heart of stone, safe from cracking Shielded from pain or betrayal So many ways to save the world, but...

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