“Nursing School”

By Jennifer Vargas | January 16, 2021 2:00 p.m.

MSJC nursing students. Photo by Jennifer Vargas

Nursing School

You got into nursing school, so what can you expect?

Passing the TEAS was just one tiny aspect.

Delete your streaming services, theres no time for Disney plus

Hope you like all-nighters; soon youll be just as tired as us.

Studying for exams, forget what youve done in the past

You must choose the best answer out of all the right ones asked.

When in doubt, handwashing and prioritize by ABCs

Memorizing wont help, you have to critically think with these.

Youll learn that nursing school isnt always black and white

And clinicals will allow firsthand experience with fight or flight.

Soon youll learn how to take vitals, whats considered the norm

The importance of being on time and dressing in full uniform.

At first you may be uneasy, youll learn to take it slow

Soon the skill will be mastered and your confidence will grow.

At times you might feel overwhelmed, reach out when in need

There are so many resources available to help you to succeed 

You might be the first nurse in your family, or be fulfilling a dream

Remind yourself why youre here when the program feels extreme.

Dont be alarmed if you cry, weve all been down that road,

When you get to the end, your hard work will have showed.

Be proud of the journey youve started, your hard work got you in

You can make it through this program and earn that nursing pin.

Never give up on yourself, youre stronger than you know

And remember nurses run on coffee and an extra shot of espresso!

This poem was submitted by MSJC student Jennifer Vargas, a Licensed Vocational Nurse and President of the South West Association of Nursing Students (SWANS).