Yo Soy: a Latinx series by Seydel and Cindy

By Seydel Perez, Cindy Lopez-Ordonez | February 10, 11:30 a.m.

Talon Co-Editor Seydel Perez and Editor-in-Chief Cindy Lopez-Ordonez bring you “Yo Soy,” a series of Hispanic/Latinx stories from MSJC students which discuss heritage, culture, and perception. We hope these interviews help others understand the different ways Latinx members consider their backgrounds and how their roots have defined them over the years.

The first episode in the series introduces co-creator Seydel Perez and her Cuban identity and upbringing. Watch below and follow the link for the next episode with Cindy Lopez-Ordonez. Full playlist on Youtube can be found here.