To Live is To Die: The Art of Ichinen with Victoria Caballero and Nick Clifton

By Eddie Landeros | March 6, 2021 1:00 p.m.

Paintings, drawings, music, calligraphy, food… Ichinen has a love for it all. Ichinen is an art group with several members on a mission to create a piece of art every day for a year only to be erased from existence after the 365th day.

Part I: In the beginning…

Talon member Eddie Landeros interviews Ichinen members Nick Clifton and MSJC student Victoria Caballero on how the project started, what inspires their expressions of art, and what they hope to accomplish in the year. Enjoy part one of the series and stay tuned for more episodes releasing over the semester!


Ichinen’s idea was inspired by the popular YouTube duo Unus Annus who uploaded a video a day for a year straight, with content ranging from camping and starting a fire to cooking with unique utensils. On the last day of their annual uploading event, the duo wiped away all of their content symbolizing a celebration of death, dedication, and rebirth.

Fast forward to November 18, 2020, where Ichinen leader Nick Clifton recruits a team to carry on the idea in spirit and start a new cycle of expression and celebration.

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