Real Students or “Bad Actors”

Nick Pettis, Video Content Creator

At the beginning of the Fall Semester of 2021, classes started and some students came to take classes on campus, while others remained online.   One thing that happened that was unexpected, was the appearance of “bad actor” students in many of the classrooms both face to face and online.   These students were not here to learn anything, but rather to take advantage of Covid relief money.  

In this mini-series, Nick Pettis met with Mr. Brandon Moore and Dr. Michele Weber (on 2 separate days, with 2 separate recordings) to get a glimpse of what happened with the “bad actors,”  otherwise known as bots. Check out the videos below to  see they had to say.

Part 1: This episode Nick is joined by Mr. Brandon Moore, MSJC’s Institution Effectiveness Specialist, to see what these bots are doing to the college system.

Nick Pettis

Part 2: In this second episode,Nick is joined by Dr. Michele Weber, MSJC Talon’s advisor and Communications/Journalism professor, to see what these bots were like in her classes.

Nick Pettis


A Nick Pettis Series


Nick Pettis


Nick Pettis

Mr. Brandon Moore

Dr. Michele Weber

Produced by MSJC’s The Talon

Recorded on Zoom