A Second Half Shutout By The Eagles Led To A 42-20 Win Over Santa Ana

Derrick Spearman, Writer

Huge runs from the offense and a second half by the defense led the Eagles to victory in Santa Ana. The Santa Ana Dons defense was too much for the Eagles’ offense on the first possession and they failed to get a first down, it was a three and out, but that didn’t matter, because on the Eagles’ punt the punt return man muffed the football. The Eagles quickly jumped on the football to recover,  and started a new offensive drive in the Dons territory. Unfortunately, the Eagles were held to another three and out and settled for a field goal to take a 3-0 lead over the Dons. 


Photo by Daniel Cabrales of the Eagles' previous game
Photo of the Eagles’ previous game (Daniel Cabrales)

The Eagles’ defense then forced a three and out and quickly got the ball back. On the following Eagles’ offensive drive, Quarterback Robert Coleman ran for a big gain which gave the Eagles their first first down of the night and put the Eagles in Dons’ territory. However, the Dons’ defense did  not give up another first down and forced another Eagles field goal, giving the Eagles a 6-0 lead. Unfortunately, this lead was short lived, because shortly thereafter, the Dons’ offense made two huge plays and scored a touchdown. This put the Dons ahead 7-6 over the Eagles. 


MSJC, looking to respond to the Dons, did just that when Robert Coleman connected to wide receiver Matthew Hicks on a 60 yard pass for a touchdown. This put the Eagles back on top with a 13-7 lead.


On their next offensive drive, the Eagles scored another touchdown when Robert Coleman connected with wide receiver Jevin Dorsey on a 76 yard pass and gave the Eagles a 20-7 lead. Unfortunately, then things took a bad turn for the Eagles. On their next offensive drive, Robert Coleman was hit by a defender as he threw the ball, which led to Coleman’s first interception of the season. After the Eagles’ defense stopped the Dons’ offense, the Eagles muffed on the punt return, and the Dons got the ball back deep in Eagle territory. The Dons quickly scored a touchdown and lowered the Eagles lead to 20-14. 


Photo of the Eagles' previous game (<a href="https://msjctalonnews.com/staff_profile/daniel-cabrales/">Daniel Cabrales</a>)
Photo of the Eagles’ previous game (Daniel Cabrales)


The Eagles, back on offense, were forced to a three and out, as the Dons’ defensive front was too much for them. This was the case for most of the game. The Dons were back on offense and scored on a 53 yard play, but they missed the field goal following the touchdown. Just like that, the game was tied at 20. On the Dons’ final drive of the first half, they took a deep shot down field, but defensive back Naisir Morrow would intercept it (his second of the season) to keep the game tied at the half. 



The Eagles were back on offense to start the 2nd half. With the score still tied at 20, the Eagles were held to another three and out, as the Dons’ defensive front continued to pressure Coleman. The Eagles, on defense, surrendered a 30 yard pass down the field but then rebounded, stopped Santa Ana, and forced another punt. The Eagles next offensive drive did not go well. Coleman was sacked twice, as the Eagles offense continued to struggle against the Dons’ pass rush. The Eagles, on defense, forced a field goal that the Dons’ kicker missed; this kept the game tied. 


Photo of the Eagles' previous game
Photo of the Eagles’ previous game (Daniel Cabrales)

Back on offense, the Eagles scored a touchdown with a 61 yard run from running back Jaylen Magee and gave themselves a 27-20 lead. The Eagles’ defense then forced a quick three and out to prevent the Dons from responding. The Eagles’ offense were held to a three and out on back to back drives. However, on their punt following the second three and out, the Dons’ return man fumbled on the return, and the Eagles recovered it. On the Eagles’ first drive following the fumble recovery, Jaylen Magee ran 34 yards for another touchdown, giving the Eagles a 35-20 lead. On defense, the Eagles got another stop, this time by defensive back Demond Young, who had an interception. Running back, Matthew Caldera, then ran 72 yards for a touchdown to seal the deal for the Eagles, as they won the game 42-20. 


This game was not the best game offensively. Robert Coleman was sacked twelve times and was under pressure by the Dons’ defensive front for the majority of the game, one of which resulted in an interception. The Dons’ did a great job in trying to limit The Eagles explosive passing attack, but doing this resulted in the Eagles finding their stride in the run game. Jaylen Magee had over 100 yards rushing, and the run led to great success for the Eagles’ offense in the 2nd half. The Eagles’ defense played great this game, as they got 5 sacks of their own, caught two interceptions, and kept the Dons from scoring in the second half. With the win, The Eagles are 3-1 this year, with a three-game winning streak. The Eagles will be at home in the Carl Quandt Stadium on Saturday at 1 PM against Orange Coast. 


Mt. San Jacinto Stats:

Passing: Robert Colman- 14-29, 268 Yards, 2 TD’s, 1-INT 

Rushing: Jaylen Magee- 11 Attempts, 146 Yards, 2-TD’s 

Receiving: Jevin Dorsey- 6 Receptions, 128 Yards, 1-TD


Santa Ana Stats:

Passing: Dallen Endemann- 11-25, 164 Yards, 2 TD’s, 1-INT 

Rushing: Jamiel Henning- 5 Attempts, 63 Yards

Receiving: Kyran Hayes- 5 Receptions, 122 Yards, 1-TD