1st Place – “This One Is For Willow” by Patricia Avila

1st Place

“This One is For Willow” by Patricia Avila 


It pains me to say 

We were never destined to be 

With your effortless beauty and thirst for life

You could never be mine 

For I was born in a world of chaos 

A need for destruction and plight 

Your delicate hands and animal eyes

Could never fall perfectly into mine I

pollute your heart and kill your kind

An endless cycle 

A dance of death 

I sap your strength and leave you weak

Colorless in defeat 

Your only hope is to await death 

For in the end 

I am not good for you 

My kind is not good for you 

A solemn truth gone unspoken 

I choke and weep for I cannot save 

My Dearest, 

Flora and Fauna 

The Dance Between Man and Nature is a Cruel One


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