2nd Place – “April, I’d Wait For You” by Noemi Saucedo

2nd Place

“April, I’d Wait For You” by Noemi Saucedo 


How bright the stars have become! 

The winter nights have melted down into spring mornings 

Once again the season for hibernation has passed. 

Soft rains wash the pieces away from my sodden worries 

Here to replace them are afternoons of picking lucky clovers in the lushest shades of green

And reading in the dim light of dusk’s evening sun. 

Outside, on the days that fall between March, April, and May; 

I c0uld swear that the world is brand new. 

The colors are somehow richer than I have ever seen before 

Small animals scurry and Earth is alive again. 

In my stiff and tired bones, I yearn to be alive with it. 

Suddenly, I feel fortunate 

to wake and share the comfortable morning breeze 

with the clear chirps of an early bird. 

Up above, 

enveloped in velvety clouds. 

The softest shade of white paints careful puffs onto the vast blanket of blue. 

Bees buzz busily! 

Having sweet dreams drenched in honey. 

Dizzying their delicate way into open flower petals 

fuzzy plump bodies pollinating beautiful fields. 

Blooms stare up at the wide sky with blind faith and devotion 

sprouting into ripe seasonal shades. 

In the riverbeds lie the cooling waters of march, the promise of life gleams in the ripples

The stoic stones and pebbles sit in everlasting patience. 

We could be two dewdrops, laying together on the same leaf! 

Let us waltz as the windflowers do in the warm drafts of wind. 

Every Spring, I let the daffodils and daylilies remind me that there is

nothing cowardly about the color yellow.


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