4th Place – “Spring is Here” by Amber Rose Churchill

4th Place

“Spring is Here” by Amber Rose Churchill 


The blue jays hide their corn and peanuts, 

Casting a watchful eye on their own brethren to make sure their treasure is carefully hidden. 

The sparrows with white jaunty hats dutifully peck at what the chickens have discarded. 

Soft slate-colored doves coo and mingle beneath the giant oak,  

The hummingbirds trill as they chase each other beneath the sweeping branches of the pepper tree. 

The ground squirrel peaks his copper head carefully out of his burrow. 

The proud rooster minds the scornful hen and she minds her chicks- 

Spreading themselves against the warm earth. 

A marmalade colored cat stalks a yellow butterfly skimming the tips of velvet purple wildflowers, 

I relish the scenes. 

Distant from black asphalt and manicured lawns. 

Busy streets and stopped traffic. 

No hum of engines, no sirens. 

Just the melodic choir announcing that longer days are here. 

Spring has arrived.


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