MSJC brings light to the diversity in the ASL community

By Breanna Padilla An event held on MSJC’s Menifee campus on Feb. 29 showcased BSL (Black Sign Language) and the oppression and discrimination against Blacks in the Deaf community. This event discussed the history and discrimination of African Americans in the deaf community.   Jeremy Rogers, the Chair of the Sign Language Department, gave a presentationContinue reading “MSJC brings light to the diversity in the ASL community”

Taking a look at the new form of slavery

By Alyse Kiara Deatherage  Mt. San Jacinto College invited author DW Duke, activist Margeaux Gray, and Human Trafficking subject matter expert Anne Michelle Ellis to speak about what human trafficking is, what common forms it takes, and how it can be spotted in the MSJC Black Box Theatre on Feb. 25.   This event was sponsoredContinue reading “Taking a look at the new form of slavery”