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Parent Holidays: Why Do We Celebrate Them?

Mother’s Day Flowers by “Acharaporn Kamornboonyarush” on Pexels

Mother’s, Father’s Day, and Grandparent’s Day are all holidays dedicated to showing appreciation towards these important figures in our lives that create the family unit.  The importance of these days is always questioned, however.  Someone may ask, “Why should we wait a day to appreciate our mothers and fathers?” That person is 100% correct and valid for asking that.  Respecting our parents should always be important to make a habit of every day, but does this make these holidays just another day of the week?  There are multiple layers surrounding these holidays, and uncovering these layers may help show the reasons that we celebrate these days.

One reason why parent holidays are celebrated is that some people have parents who have passed away, and they are unable to have the opportunity to see their faces and hear their voices every day as others can.  These days can be a form of memorial to remember their parents and how much they loved them while they were around, and still do.  These holidays can be very important dates in the lives of some people who go through a similar situation, which is why this is a huge way parent holidays are celebrated.

Happy Father’s Day by “Cristian Dina” on Pexels

Some individuals have issues celebrating parent holidays due to a bad experience or a falling out with their parents.  How will they be able to participate?  Resentments are a bad thing that could turn a person bitter the longer they may keep them.  Reaching out to the parent and showing your maturity may be what is needed on this day.  If they don’t accept your attempt to repair a broken bridge, then you’ve done what you can do.  Just remember not to hate your parents; maybe they’ll come around in the future and mature themselves after you’ve set the example they should have. 

Some people may be in a situation where they don’t know much about their parental figures.  They might ask, “How can I celebrate them when I barely know anything about them?”.  I think that the easiest way to learn about them would be to ask questions every so often.  Communication with parents is something many lack, and this goes the same way.  Many parents have zero idea what the interests of their children are, and that shouldn’t be the case.  Simply communicating with your parents will help you learn how to celebrate them for the upcoming holidays.

Parents Day Photo by “August De Richelie” on Pexels

Another reason that these holidays are important is sacrifice.  Many of our parents sacrificed years of their lives to raise us and our siblings.  Being a parent is not an easy task, and there are many trials that a parent must face and overcome.  Most parents may have many fears regarding their child, such as falling in danger.  Being a parent requires selfless behavior, which is hard for many to gain. Still, those who put their children before themselves must forever be remembered and celebrated for being a part of the percentage of parents who truly cared for their kids and loved them.

Parent holidays are far deeper than “show kindness to them for one day”; they pay tribute to parenthood for those who are biological parents and those who are mother and father figures. It is a topic that many may still disagree on and see as a “regular day with no point to celebration.” Still, the celebration is a good thing as it is a time for positivity in this world that seems to thrive on negativity.  Always remember that good parenting is required to secure good generations in the future, so it is appropriate to make a day even more special for those who show good parenting.  

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