Taking a look at the flippered creatures of the sea during this pandemic

By Alyse Kiara Deatherage WARNING: This story contains graphic content and photos that may be upsetting and hard to view for some readers. Viewer discretion is advised. With Earth Day passing recently, many people are able to see the bright side of this pandemic: cleaner air because less fumes and emissions from cars and cleanerContinue reading “Taking a look at the flippered creatures of the sea during this pandemic”

Bringing the ice to the deserts of Palm Springs

By Marc-Anthony Rosas  2020 may not have been the year everyone was hoping for so far, but there are a quite a few things everyone can look forward to next year, including a new hockey team in the Coachella Valley. On Sept. 30, 2019, the American Hockey League (AHL) announced that Palm Springs was awardedContinue reading “Bringing the ice to the deserts of Palm Springs”

Local journalism thrives at Menifee 24/7

By The Talon Staff   The Talon is thankful to have many great supporters working with us, including our adviser and editor Doug Spoon, who runs the Menifee 24/7 and Murrieta 24/7 news websites with his wife Kristen.  Menifee 24/7 was launched on Nov. 1, 2004 by Menifee resident Steve Johnson, an internet entrepreneur and computer programmer.Continue reading “Local journalism thrives at Menifee 24/7”

MSJC honors its largest graduating class with a virtual graduation

By Zaina Azim   The COVID-19 pandemic has encouraged many colleges to hold virtual graduations, including Mt. San Jacinto College. Selena Paez-Mendez, the Executive Assistant to Dr. John Colson, the Vice President of Student Services, has provided insight on the timeline of events and methods through which MSJC’s graduation will be livestreamed.   The event will be streamed on MSJC’sContinue reading “MSJC honors its largest graduating class with a virtual graduation”

Taking on the 2020 election space through online debate

By Jesus Alcala Avalos The 2020 presidential election cycle had 29 Democratic candidates and three Republican candidates.  While the Republican National Committee (RNC) did not hold official debates, the Democratic National Committee (DNC) planned 12 debates for their potential candidates. DNC Chair Tom Perez announced the requirements for the first Democratic Debate.  Candidates could qualify for the first debate if they either attracted more than 1 percent in recognized polls or if they had received money from atContinue reading “Taking on the 2020 election space through online debate”

The Talon upgrades to a full fledged journalism program

By Pablo Ramos Diaz   A Journalism degree provides students with various career opportunities such as a journalist, an editor, a public relations specialist, and much more. Although you can proceed in these sorts of jobs with a Communications degree, Journalism study allows students to become specialists in this field as well.   A Journalism program will becomeContinue reading “The Talon upgrades to a full fledged journalism program”

MSJC brings light to the diversity in the ASL community

By Breanna Padilla An event held on MSJC’s Menifee campus on Feb. 29 showcased BSL (Black Sign Language) and the oppression and discrimination against Blacks in the Deaf community. This event discussed the history and discrimination of African Americans in the deaf community.   Jeremy Rogers, the Chair of the Sign Language Department, gave a presentationContinue reading “MSJC brings light to the diversity in the ASL community”

MSJC staff and students take on the online world

By Alyse Kiara Deatherage Mt. San Jacinto Community College has closed its physical doors because of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, that does not mean they are down for the count yet. As of April 6, the school has completely converted to an online college, but the classes aren’t the only thing that have gone online. Continue reading “MSJC staff and students take on the online world”

MSJC students make waves at Oceanside Beach

By Eddie Landeros On March 6, members of Mt. San Jacinto College joined together to clean up Oceanside Beach with the Surfrider Foundation. The MSJC group was led by two students from the Honors Enrichment program, Ellie Baeza and Lauren Preble. Preble is a second-year MSJC student majoring in marine biology. She had been previouslyContinue reading “MSJC students make waves at Oceanside Beach”

Taking a look at the new form of slavery

By Alyse Kiara Deatherage  Mt. San Jacinto College invited author DW Duke, activist Margeaux Gray, and Human Trafficking subject matter expert Anne Michelle Ellis to speak about what human trafficking is, what common forms it takes, and how it can be spotted in the MSJC Black Box Theatre on Feb. 25.   This event was sponsoredContinue reading “Taking a look at the new form of slavery”