MSJC students demonstrate their talents in Flight 2020

By Miguel Sarasa 

Cover image for “Flight” 2020. Art work by Laura Garrett

I will be honest; I am not much of an art enthusiast. The extent of my art experience has been scrolling through social media. Recently, I had the opportunity to check out the Mt. San Jacinto College Anthology titled Flight 2020 and speak to some of the writers and artists who participated. The collection consisted of poetry, prose, and visuals. 

MSJC student Callista Zacarias submitted three visuals, “Flowers Blooming through Adversity,” “Roadtrip,” and “Thanksgiving Rainbow”. After reaching out to her and asking some specific questions this is what she shared with me.  

Why did you choose these three submissions specifically?  
“I enjoy landscape photography and finding beauty in nature. I felt like each photo conveyed a different emotion to me.” 

What is your passion related to art and how has MSJC helped you grow as an artist?  
“I have always enjoyed trying to find the wonder in what may seem mundane. When I take photos the scenes are simple but my goal is to evoke emotion. All of my professors at MSJC have helped boost my confidence and pushed me to experiment past my comfort zone. Before attending MSJC I never would have had the confidence to even try to submit any of my work for others to see. 

What can you share with MSJC students interested in expressing their talent like you?  
“Submit your work to let others see, be unapologetic about your experience level, and others will be far more receptive than you think.” 

I also had the opportunity to chat with Aspen Kae O’Keefe in regards to her poetry submissions titled “Spellbound” & “With You”.  

“I chose these submissions because I felt they represented my writing the best. Even in my fictional writing, I have a passion for poetic prose with a deeply metaphorical flare,” said O’Keefe.  

What is your passion related to art and how has MSJC helped you grow as an artist? 
MSJC has helped me realize how much I love all writing, even essays. It’s really surprising how much of your unique self can be dipped together and spread across any type of canvas. Personally, I have not taken any art or creative writing classes, (because I am on a time-crunch that does not permit me to do so), but self expression is so important. 

What can you share with MSJC students interested in expressing their talent like you?  

My greatest advice would be: take chances. Be vulnerable enough to share your work, and take a creative course if you can. If you cannot, then try to pour as much of yourself into your every day life and regular classwork as possible. There is so much beauty in us all. Even a boring old essay can become a work of art. 

It is truly amazing to see such talent locally, something that is sometimes overlooked. Thank you MSJC for allowing our students to express themselves.  

You can check out Flight 2020 here on the MSJC website to see the full anthology.