MSJC continues its efforts towards an equitable campus

By Eddie Landeros The faculty and staff of Mt. San Jacinto College are taking a stand to disrupt prejudice and racism in our community. The MSJC Equity Pledge was released on May 31, 2020 as an initiative supporting equity among all races and genders and is committed to the success of MSJC students. MSJC is one ofContinue reading “MSJC continues its efforts towards an equitable campus”

Students and staff share experiences and support at MSJC’s first Juneteenth celebration

By Jesus Alcala Avalos  Mt. San Jacinto College held an online Juneteenth celebration on June 19. Participants held a libation, provided historical context for Juneteenth, performed poems, and shared their thoughts. DJ Sketch played music in-between presentations.  Aysia Brown, part of MSJC’s Student Services and the Sankofa task force, was the host for the event. Brown opened with aContinue reading “Students and staff share experiences and support at MSJC’s first Juneteenth celebration”

Bettering the pathways to success at MSJC

By Alyse Kiara Deatherage  Officials at Mt. San Jacinto College is excited to prepare for the Pathways program that will begin in Fall 2020. However, many students are unaware of what the Pathways Program is and what it will mean for their experience at MSJC.   “Guided Pathways is an institution-wide student success model that seeksContinue reading “Bettering the pathways to success at MSJC”

MSJC students demonstrate their talents in Flight 2020

By Miguel Sarasa  I will be honest; I am not much of an art enthusiast. The extent of my art experience has been scrolling through social media. Recently, I had the opportunity to check out the Mt. San Jacinto College Anthology titled Flight 2020 and speak to some of the writers and artists who participated. The collection consisted of poetry, prose,Continue reading “MSJC students demonstrate their talents in Flight 2020”

MSJC honors its largest graduating class with a virtual graduation

By Zaina Azim   The COVID-19 pandemic has encouraged many colleges to hold virtual graduations, including Mt. San Jacinto College. Selena Paez-Mendez, the Executive Assistant to Dr. John Colson, the Vice President of Student Services, has provided insight on the timeline of events and methods through which MSJC’s graduation will be livestreamed.   The event will be streamed on MSJC’sContinue reading “MSJC honors its largest graduating class with a virtual graduation”

The Talon upgrades to a full fledged journalism program

By Pablo Ramos Diaz   A Journalism degree provides students with various career opportunities such as a journalist, an editor, a public relations specialist, and much more. Although you can proceed in these sorts of jobs with a Communications degree, Journalism study allows students to become specialists in this field as well.   A Journalism program will becomeContinue reading “The Talon upgrades to a full fledged journalism program”

The Talon is now online!

Since the closure of all campuses on March 13, everyone at MSJC has been working hard to transition courses to an online format, and make it possible for teachers and students to finish the rest of the semester. We cannot thank our faculty, staff and students enough for their dedication through this difficult time. InContinue reading “The Talon is now online!”