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President Biden Signs Historic 1.2 Trillion Dollar Infrastructure Bill

President Biden Signs Historic 1.2 Trillion Dollar Infrastructure Bill

Anthony Orrico, Writer November 30, 2021

On November 15, 2021, President Biden signed a 1.2 trillion-dollar infrastructure bill aimed at improving and repairing the crumbling roads and bridges across the United States. According to the American...

Arcane: Animation at its finest

Arcane: Animation at its finest

Jake Cruz, Writer / Video Editor / Producer November 26, 2021

Over the last decade or so, there have been a handful of times when I convinced myself I would give League Of Legends a fair shake. Every time I would sit down behind the keyboard however, I would get...

Talon Talks Season 2 Episode 6: Happy Talons-giving!

Nick Pettis, President/ Video Content Editor November 25, 2021

Talon members Nick Pettis, Kayla Lewis, Victor Ortiz Jr., Jonah Rauch, Ashley Liermann and Talon advisors Dr. Michele Weber and Dr. Ron Newman all met together to create this Thanksgiving-themed episode...

Three Men Found Guilty in the Shooting Death of Amhaud Arbery

Three Men Found Guilty in the Shooting Death of Amhaud Arbery

Anthony Orrico, Writer November 24, 2021

The three men accused in the February 2020 shooting death of 25 year old Amhaud Arbery have been found guilty by a jury. Gregory McMicheal, 65, his son Travis McMicheal, 35, and William Bryan, 52, were...

Psychology panel talks about the stresses that we all face during Covid-19 and how to thrive

Thriving During Covid

Ashley Liermann, Co-Editor / Writer November 24, 2021

On November 18, 2021 - the MSJC Psychology Club and Active Minds sponsored a live Zoom event for all to attend to address challenges and struggles students and families are facing during the unpredictable...

Our Battle With Epilepsy: Part Two – Destiney Wendt

Cynthia Carillo, Vice President/ Writer November 23, 2021

MSJC Talon Video Content Producer/Editor Nick Pettis and Writer / Co-Editor Cynthia Carrillo met with Destiney Wendt and listened to her share her epilepsy story.

Talon Talks Season 2 Episode 5: Native American Heritage Month

Nick Pettis, President / Video Content Editor November 22, 2021

Talon member Kayla Lewis and advisor Dr. Michele Weber met with Professor John Torres, an Anthropology professor at MSJC, who is also of Chicano and Navajo descent, to discuss Native American heritage...

Protestors sitting outside a courthouse with cardboard signs

Kyle Rittenhouse Acquitted on All Charges

Anthony Orrico , Writer November 21, 2021
The Wisconsin jury in the Kyle Rittenhouse case acquitted the now 18-year-old of all charges in the shooting deaths of two people during the Kenosha, Wisconsin protests.
often times society places unrealistic expectations on men to be strong and not show emotion.

Men’s Mental Health

Jonah Rauch, Writer November 19, 2021

An important topic that tends to be overlooked is men's struggles with mental health. It is not a subject that is covered or talked about very frequently, and that’s a problem. According to the National...

Containers sit waiting to be picked up at the ports in Los Angeles and Long Beach due to the supply chain backup

Supply Chain Breakdown Brings Unprecedented Shortages

Anthony Orrico, Writer November 16, 2021
Covid-19 and the subsequent shutdowns has caused many companies to ratchet down the production of goods due to decreased demand. Now, as people resume their (somewhat) normal lives, supply is struggling to meet pre-pandemic demand. This has created a problem with the supply chain.
Marvels Eternals: Disregarded Potential

Marvel’s Eternals: Disregarded Potential

Jake Cruz, Writer / Video Editor / Producer November 15, 2021
Eternals is packed to the brim with plenty of elements and lore to easily fill a trilogy. Yet, it’s two-hour and forty five minute runtime restricts all of the threads and themes from reaching their full potential.
Christopher Douglas holding his Associates Degree

Eight Years of Persistence

Ashley Liermann, Writer November 12, 2021

Former MSJC student, Christopher Douglas, did not plan on taking eight years to obtain his associate degree. Generally, it takes two years to complete and obtain an associates degree as a full-time student,...

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