Reflecting on the life of Kenzo Takada, esteemed Japanese fashion designer

By Allison Arnzen October 10, 2020 Paris, France On October 4, 2020, fashion designer Kenzo Takada, 81, passed away in Neuilly-sur-Seine, a suburb of Paris, France due to complications of the novel Coronavirus. Takana was born in Himeji, Japan, on February 27, 1939, and has left a lasting influence on the world of fashion andContinue reading “Reflecting on the life of Kenzo Takada, esteemed Japanese fashion designer”

Arrival of Autumn

By: Allison Arnzen September 30, 2020 TEMECULA, CA Honoring the transition from summer to fall in food, fashion, and lifestyle.    As the seasons change from summer to fall, the temperature lowers and leaves change color, there are certain familiarities that seem to make their way into the environment surrounding us.  Autumn is the third seasonContinue reading “Arrival of Autumn”

Bringing Social Justice to the Classroom at MSJC

by Cindy Lopez-Ordonez September 18,2020 Mt. San Jacinto College has a new Social Justice Degree for Transfer Mt. San Jacinto College has unveiled a new degree in Social Justice (Associate’s Degree for Transfer). Beginning this fall, students can formally declare for this major. The degree’s purpose is to empower students with an awareness of socialContinue reading “Bringing Social Justice to the Classroom at MSJC”

Interview with James Crawford, 2020 Coca-Cola Leaders of Promise Scholar

Hello Eagles! We’re bringing you our first video interview with Talon member Eddie Landeros and fellow MSJC student James Crawford. Join us as they talk about being a student at MSJC, life during the pandemic, politics, rationality, and what the future holds for our young generations! James was recently named a 2020 Coca-Cola Leaders ofContinue reading “Interview with James Crawford, 2020 Coca-Cola Leaders of Promise Scholar”

Colleges around the country see victory after fighting to protect their international students

By Alyse Kiara Deatherage With COVID cases rising once again, many schools are looking at their plans for the fall and deciding whether or not to reopen classes for in-person instruction or to keep all classes and school functions strictly online. The U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) made this decision even harder with theirContinue reading “Colleges around the country see victory after fighting to protect their international students”

Speculating on the Palm Springs new AHL team name

By Marc-Anthony Rosas Note: This is a sports opinion piece and is speculation. As the days get closer and closer to the 2021-22 season in the American Hockey League (AHL), the Palm Springs franchise has yet to select a name to represent the deserts new hockey team.   2. Since the announcement of NHL and AHLContinue reading “Speculating on the Palm Springs new AHL team name”

Students find community as they are welcomed into MSJC

By Alyse Kiara Deatherage  Mt. San Jacinto Community College District began in 1962, and started enrolling students from the Banning, Beaumont, Hemet, and San Jacinto areas in 1963. Since then, they’ve actively worked to help students achieve their goals and get closer to their dreams through the education and community they provide.   MSJC’s mission statementContinue reading “Students find community as they are welcomed into MSJC”

What you may not know about Roe v. Wade

By Alyse Kiara Deatherage  Roe v. Wade is a historic case in America because it was the case that convinced the Supreme Court abortion should be the decision of the woman thanks to the traumatic story of Jane Roe, also known as Norma McCorvey. However, Hulu recently released the FX documentary AKA Jane Roe where McCorvey talks about what exactlyContinue reading “What you may not know about Roe v. Wade”

Behind the scenes of MSJC’s digital transformation

By Lillian Goodwin  The beginning of the Spring 2020 semester this year was standard procedure; Classes, clubs, and extracurricular activities met on time, in person, and everything was more or less as it had always been. There were distant concerns over the discovery of a new human-affecting variant of a bat virus in Asia, butContinue reading “Behind the scenes of MSJC’s digital transformation”