Students find community as they are welcomed into MSJC

By Alyse Kiara Deatherage  Mt. San Jacinto Community College District began in 1962, and started enrolling students from the Banning, Beaumont, Hemet, and San Jacinto areas in 1963. Since then, they’ve actively worked to help students achieve their goals and get closer to their dreams through the education and community they provide.   MSJC’s mission statementContinue reading “Students find community as they are welcomed into MSJC”

What you may not know about Roe v. Wade

By Alyse Kiara Deatherage  Roe v. Wade is a historic case in America because it was the case that convinced the Supreme Court abortion should be the decision of the woman thanks to the traumatic story of Jane Roe, also known as Norma McCorvey. However, Hulu recently released the FX documentary AKA Jane Roe where McCorvey talks about what exactlyContinue reading “What you may not know about Roe v. Wade”

Behind the scenes of MSJC’s digital transformation

By Lillian Goodwin  The beginning of the Spring 2020 semester this year was standard procedure; Classes, clubs, and extracurricular activities met on time, in person, and everything was more or less as it had always been. There were distant concerns over the discovery of a new human-affecting variant of a bat virus in Asia, butContinue reading “Behind the scenes of MSJC’s digital transformation”


Queen  By Anthony Smart  The sun is alone, but yet   It continues to burn.   My heart is in pain, yet,  It continues to yearn.   Your natural hair is beautiful   As is, no need for a perm.  You’ve given a whole lot   Of love, so now it’s your turn.

MSJC continues its efforts towards an equitable campus

By Eddie Landeros The faculty and staff of Mt. San Jacinto College are taking a stand to disrupt prejudice and racism in our community. The MSJC Equity Pledge was released on May 31, 2020 as an initiative supporting equity among all races and genders and is committed to the success of MSJC students. MSJC is one ofContinue reading “MSJC continues its efforts towards an equitable campus”

Students and staff share experiences and support at MSJC’s first Juneteenth celebration

By Jesus Alcala Avalos  Mt. San Jacinto College held an online Juneteenth celebration on June 19. Participants held a libation, provided historical context for Juneteenth, performed poems, and shared their thoughts. DJ Sketch played music in-between presentations.  Aysia Brown, part of MSJC’s Student Services and the Sankofa task force, was the host for the event. Brown opened with aContinue reading “Students and staff share experiences and support at MSJC’s first Juneteenth celebration”

A look into MSJCs public relations class

By Pablo Ramos Diaz  Mt. San Jacinto College offers a public relations class (Communications 119), which shows students the basics of public relations to students, and they get to learn about public relations through a hands-on case study.   Public Relations is a strategic process that focuses on helping or achieving an organization’s goals. Most people see publicContinue reading “A look into MSJCs public relations class”

Skating to stay positive and healthy in the midst of a pandemic

By Alyse Kiara Deatherage   When my second oldest sister and I were young, we each owned a pair of skates. Mine were a pair of blue Cinderella skates and my sister’s were black with purple roller blades. We often skated around our neighborhood and we enjoyed learning together.   A few Christmases ago, when I wasContinue reading “Skating to stay positive and healthy in the midst of a pandemic”